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At the beginning of February 2021, a friend of mine and fellow Londoner Russell West (Instagram: @russelljwest), approached me and a number of other carving and green woodworking enthusiasts with an idea

His idea was to encourage the creativity of spoon carvers, with a bit of light-hearted and community fun on Instagram

Russell had been thinking about how he found carving an oasis of calm, something especially welcome during the pandemic, and that his more unusual hand-carved spoons seemed to get the attention and imagination of many people

He wanted more people to experience this positive feeling

It was at that point the first Rebel Spoon Challenge was born

The event challenged people of any skill level to try carving an unusual spoon, share pictures of it on Instagram and encourage others to do the same

All under a common hashtag #rebelspoonchallenge

The event was announced by the Rebel Spoon Panel on February 14th and ran until the 31st of March 2021

The panel consisted of:

Russell West (IG: @russelljwest)

Lee Stoffer (IG: @lee.stoffer)

Rachel Bainton (IG: @rachel_bainton)

Rebecca Luerssen (IG: @rebecca_luerssen)

Chuck Trella (IGL @chuck.trella_woodsmyths & @riseupandcarve)

Kevin Holler (IG: @kfholler)

David Fisher (https://davidffisher.com)

And yours truly (IG: @zedoutdoors)

Fast forward, there were almost 420 spoon posts by 235 individual carvers, from about 30 countries around the world!

The designs varied from beginners trying a spoon for the first time, tiny spoons, huge spoons (one was 5’ long!), odd-shaped spoons, spoons to wear as a bow tie, etc

You name it, it was probably conceived and tried

Russell is planning to follow up with a ‘Rebel Spoon Swap’ as well as run these challenges regularly and is going to be in touch with each entrant who posted by the 31st March, so be sure to stay tuned

Below are all of the entries that were received, because of the sheer volume of pictures, I’ve grouped them into about 50 entries per page

On each of the pages, you will see a copy of all of the entries received, along with links to their respective Instagram profiles if you want to show your support (would be awesome if you do)

If you hover your mouse over any image (on your desktop) or press it with your finger (on phone or tablet) you will see options to share it elsewhere on social media

There are also social media sharing buttons on this page and for you to share the entire article if you wish to do so

I sincerely appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy browsing through the entries that were received

I’d also like to congratulate all of the folk that took part in the challenge and made it what it is

Now scroll down and enjoy!


Zed Outdoors

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