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In this video renowned craftsman and bowl turner Sharif Adams teaches you a comprehensive beginners guide to the art of turning a variety of wooden bowls / receptacles on a pole lathe, all filmed at his rustic workshop set in the beautiful Dartmoor national park in the South West of England

Blog post containing all the Lathe plans, Links, Resources, etc mentioned throughout this video:

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Watch the third video in this series which covers the sharpening process of bowl hook tools:

Sharifs Instagram:

Topics covered in this video:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:37 – Sharifs background

00:07:36 – Aim of these videos

00:09:10 – Location of Sharifs workshop

00:10:08 – Lathe history, anatomy and varieties

00:16:17 – Building your own lathe

00:17:43 – A look at wooden bowls

00:19:42 – A look at wooden nested bowls

00:20:47 – A look at a wooden Snibskal cup

00:21:20 – A look at a wooden flask

00:21:34 – A look at wooden locking lidded boxes

00:23:19 – What beginner turners should focus on turning first

00:14:01 – What part of a tree a bowl comes from

00:25:54 – Forging hook tools

00:28:12 – Anatomy of bowl turning hook tools

00:30:18 – What part of a tree nested bowls come from

00:30:48 – Anatomy of nested bowl turning hook tools

00:31:47 – What part of a tree locking lidded boxes come from

00:32:40 – Anatomy of locking lidded box hook tools

00:34:35 – Where to get forged hook tools

00:36:47 – Varieties of wood selection

00:40:24 – Diameters of wood selection

00:41:34 – Outro

As always I appreciate you watching

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