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After a long search I finally found suppliers for British made Oilskin fabric and in this video I also share three tips to bare in mind when buying it

I previously asked people around me where they sourced it from but no one would tell me so when I finally found out I decided to share the information to help you guys

The first thing to note is that in the UK oilskin material is referred to as ‘Waxed Cotton Canvas’ …when I found that out a pandoras box of resources revealed itself!

The three important points to bare in mind when purchasing are the following

1. Gsm / Weight – A lot of the suppliers varied in weight of the material sold i.e. thickness, so make sure you get the right thickness for your particular use

2. Colour – The colour of the material shown online can vary from what you actually get so be sure the material you order matches what you are after

3. Samples – To solve the issues of the first two points, simply order a sample of the material(s) before ordering the actual quantity you want. Most if not all the suppliers I found sold samples for a just a few pound / dollars, this was really just to cover the postage, so buy this before ordering!

Most of the suppliers I came across sold it in 1 metre lengths with the width being typically 1.5 metres, but check this when buying as they do vary

So the juicy bit, below is the list of suppliers I found:

This American supplier was mentioned to me by a subscriber (Thanks Alan!)

(N.B. If from the time of posting these links any of them do not work then please leave a comment below letting me know so I can amend them)

As mentioned in the video I am NOT affiliated to any of these companies so please carry out your due diligence before ordering

If you know of any suppliers yourself then please leave them in the comments below and i’ll be sure to add them to this list

As always I appreciate you taking the time to check out this page and hope it helped

Speak soon