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I visited Aaron Garrett who’s a talented spoon carver based in Kent in the South East of England

This video is part one of a two part series and in this video Aaron teaches you from start to finish how to carve a wooden spoon

Download Aarons Spoon Template –

Aarons Instagram –

Below is a timestamp of every single section in this video

00:00:18 – Introduction

00:05:39 – A look at some of Aarons spoons

00:07:41 – Axing out the spoon blank

00:25:23 – Straight knife work

00:34:23 – Explaining grain direction

00:35:57 – Hook knife work / Hollowing the bowl

00:49:12 – Finishing cuts

01:06:47 – Carving the end of the spoon

01:08:18 – Micro chamfer finish around entire spoon

01:12:37 – Drying, Burnishing and Oiling process

01:14:07 – Conclusion

As always I appreciate you watching

Take care