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I spent time with friend and respected craftsman Lewis Goldwater at his woodland workshop and cottage in the county of Herefordshire in the West of England, next to the border with Wales

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Lewis is one of only a handful of split hazel basket makers in the UK, and one who teaches and demonstrates the craft around the UK

In this video Lewis has kindly allowed me to document in incredible detail the entire process for harvesting the Hazel, processing it and subsequently weaving the components together to form a finished basket

At the time of publishing this video, this is the only such tutorial available anywhere online so you really are in for a treat to see a traditional craft in such detail

Lewis’s intention with this video is to inspire more people like yourself to try this craft out and to help keep it alive

If you’d like to contact Lewis in regards to learning this craft in person or to commission a handmade basket for yourself, you can contact him via his website which I have linked to above

As you can see this is a long video and that is because this process in it’s entirety takes two days from start to finish, over which we filmed leaving no stone unturned

Below is a timestamp of all the sections in this video

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:04:12 – Basket history and examples

00:09:47 – Harvesting the Hazel

00:23:47 – Looking at the components of the basket

00:28:18 – Tools required to make the basket

00:31:25 – Making the weavers

01:08:37 – Making the ribs

01:33:08 – Making the rim

02:17:15 – Assembling the basket

03:41:53 – Finishing up the basket

03:45:34 – Conclusion

A sincere thank you to Lewis for being so generous with his knowledge and for his kind hospitality during my stay with him and his wife

As always I sincerely appreciate you watching

Take care