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I visited full time craftsman and illustrator Nick McMillen at his workshop in rural Hampshire (UK) where we filmed a three part series on Cedar bark weaving and basketry

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Click the links below to watch the other videos in this three part series:

1. How To Harvest Cedar Bark For Weaving – CLICK HERE

2. How To Process Cedar Bark For Weaving – ** THIS VIDEO YOU ARE WATCHING **

3. How To Weave A Cedar Bark Basket – (Coming Soon)


Below is a timestamp of all the sections in this video:

00:00:00 – Start

00:00:08 – Introduction

00:02:49 – Recap of previous video

00:03:57 – Resoaking the bark

00:06:45 – Techniques for cutting into strips

00:08:59 – Deciding on width of strip

00:10:15 – Cutting strips using leather cutter

00:11:50 – Splitting strip into half width

00:15:45 – Splitting strip into quarter width

00:17:03 – Importance of an even width

00:19:05 – Conclusion

00:20:47 – Outro


As always I appreciate you watching

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