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In this video renowned craftsman and bowl turner Sharif Adams teaches you from start to finish how to turn a wooden bowl on a pole lathe, all filmed at his rustic workshop set in the beautiful Dartmoor national park in the South West of England

Blog post containing all the Lathe plans, Links, Resources, etc mentioned throughout this video:

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Sharifs Instagram:

Topics covered in this video:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:18 – Wood selection

00:05:06 – Scribing the circle of the bowl

00:06:48 – Axing the bowl blank

00:23:56 – Attaching the mandrel to the bowl blank

00:28:44 – Mounting the blank and mandrel on the lathe

00:32:53 – Setting up the lathe for turning

00:35:04 – Intricacies of the turning process itself

00:45:00 – Turning the outside of the bowl

00:58:50 – Turning the base / foot of the bowl

01:06:46 – Turning decorative grooves on outside of bowl

01:07:20 – Turning the lip / chamfer of the bowl

01:12:58 – Hollowing the core of the bowl

01:50:58 – Snapping the mandrel / core of the bowl

01:51:50 – Carving away the stubs of the bowl

01:56:00 – Tips for drying

01:57:37 – Tips for oiling

01:59:30 – Benefits of buying other makers bowls

02:01:09 – Outro

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