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I was fortunate to spend time with renowned craftsman Yoav Elkayam who very kindly allowed me to film a detailed tutorial on his process for turning a wooden bowl on a foot powered pole lathe

To connect with Yoav:

Website –

Instagram –

To find out more about the location where we filmed and where Yoav teaches throughout the summer:

To watch the beginners guide to bowl lathe video we referenced in the video:

Below is a detailed timestamp of all the sections in this video

00:00:00 – Intro

00:03:02 – Examples of Yoavs work

00:07:45 – Axing out the bowl blank

00:32:50 – Attaching the mandrel

00:36:19 – Setting the bowl blank on the lathe

00:39:35 – Turning the outside of the bowl

00:50:30 – Turning the foot of the bowl

00:58:20 – Refining the outside of the bowl

01:03:40 – Turning the inside of the bowl

01:42:30 – Refining the inside of the bowl

01:46:14 – Separating the core from the bowl

01:47:58 – Cleaning up the bowl with a spoon knife

01:53:20 – Tips for drying the bowl

01:55:10 – Tips for oiling the bowl

01:59:50 – Outro

As always I appreciate you watching

Take care