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I returned to Brook House woods in the West of England to spend time with renowned craftsman Yoav Elkayam who very kindly allowed me to film a detailed tutorial on his process for turning a wooden end grain cup on a foot powered pole lathe

I previously filmed a detailed tutorial with him on how to turn a wooden bowl from start to finish and this tutorial builds upon the foundational techniques taught in that video


Below are all the links referenced in the video:

= Yoavs website –

= Yoavs instagram –

= To purchase Yoavs Cup –

= Yoavs bowl turning tutorial –

= Peter Woods tutorial for turning a cylinder blank –

= Details for the Bowl Gathering –

= Location where we filmed –


Below is a detailed timestamp of all the sections in this video:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:05:31 – What is an end grain cup

00:12:25 – How Yoav got introduced to turning end grain cups

00:16:03 – Roughing out the billet with an axe and shave horse

00:20:05 – Wood preferences for turning

00:20:53 – Preparing the billet for the pole / spindle lathe

00:25:25 – Turning the outside of the cup on a pole / spindle lathe

00:34:39 – Moving over to the bowl lathe

00:38:37 – Turning the inside of the cup

01:04:35 – Turning the foot of the cup

01:07:59 – Refining the inside of the cup

01:16:09 – Removing the core of the cup

01:18:39 – Cleaning the inside of the cup with a spoon knife

01:19:30 – Sawing off the foot of the cup

01:20:26 – Cleaning the foot of the cup with a spoon knife

01:21:42 – Tips for drying

01:22:37 – Tips for oiling

01:24:13 – Outro

As always I appreciate you watching

Take care