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Two years into my Bushcraft journey I finally feel comfortable showing elements of my kit, so to kick this off I show my Hygiene kit that I take on all my trips in this video

To explain the elements in more detail I have numbered the different components and attached a description of each below with links to where I bought them from

1. British army desert sweat rag –

2. Dr Bronners hard soap –

3. Dr Bronners liquid soap –

4. Tissue packs – Bought from any local pound shop (i.e. Dollar store)

5. Hidden woodsman velcro pouch –

6. Colgate folding tooth brush –

7. Organic dental floss –

8. Packtowl microfibre towel (Large) –

9. Signal mirror –

I have attached links to the products to help illustrate them better but as is always the case simple search around online to find the cheapest supplier

Needless to say kit is always in development so this will be prone to change, but thus far my hygiene kit has been pretty consistent

Also what you carry is very personal to you so this is simply what I take and yours will differ based on your needs

I sincerely hope this helps and please feel free to share this post as well as comment below with any thoughts or questions you may have

Many thanks for watching and reading this post