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Hey guys in this video i’m doing an amazing giveaway with my buddy Paul Dore Bushcraft and it’s your opportunity to win some beautiful handcrafted leather items

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is the following three things:

1. Subscribe to Paul’s channel by clicking this link –

2. Share ‘this’ video anywhere on social media

3. Comment below ‘this’ video telling me where you have shared it and saying “I’m in”

This giveaway is open to everyone anywhere in the world and will finish on November 2nd 2016

After which Paul will do a video on ‘his’ channel announcing the winner and then proceed to get the items sent off to you

To find out more about the amazing work Paul does please click this link –

Like I mentioned in the video I make nothing from this except to help a valued member of our community

N.B. Paul will be replying to all the comments on ‘this’ video as opposed to me

As always I appreciate you watching