I visited the Fenland Bushcraft school located near the historic city of Cambridge to go over plans for an upcoming collaboration I have in the pipeline with them

Whilst there I filmed an impromptu video with resident instructor Jon O’Shea who is also a full time Chef managing numerous restaurants

Jon was cooking that evenings dinner and was going to teach me along the way some tips for cooking bread in a Dutch oven and the Noodle dish he had planned

I felt this was a great opportunity for you and me to learn from a professional Chef about outdoors cooking and with Jon’s kind permission allowed to film his process so hoping you guys enjoy it

Fenland Bushcraft Website – https://www.fenlandbushcraft.co.uk

Fenland Bushcraft Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/FenlandBushcraft

Fenland Bushcraft Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/fenlandbushcraft

As always I appreciate you watching

Take care